Get a Louver Patio Cover that Will Last a Lifetime

Are you tired of spending money replacing your patio cover or umbrellas over and over again because they wear out, fade and get moldy? Chances are you’ve spent a significant amount of money on patio covers and umbrellas. Why not invest in a quality product like a louver patio cover?

A louver patio cover is unlike any other patio cover you’ve ever had. Unlike other patio covers a louver patio cover will require you to replace it over and over again. Purchasing a louver patio cover is an investment you’ll be happy to make and you’ll only have to make it once.

The difference is a great louver patio cover is made of quality materials such as aluminum and steel instead of standard heavy-duty fabrics. In addition, you can choose between different styles and color coatings when shopping for your louver patio cover. For example, your louver patio cover can be either freestanding or integrated into an existing part of your home. Design options for your louver patio cover include flat, pitched, angled, A framed and barrel vaulted. Other options when shopping for your louver patio cover is the large selection of Colorbonder powder coat colors you can choose from on your louvers.

The framework for your durable louver patio cover is also an option. You can choose from timber, steel, aluminum or any other material so long as it complies with your local building codes. The choice of your framework will depend upon the look you are seeking. For instance, the use of timber will compliment pergolas and are easily integrated into traditional homes and structures whereas steel enables more modern customization in various sizes and architectural styles.

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