Installing an Opening Patio Cover Can Add More Than Just Light

The choice to add a patio cover to a home offers many options from which the homeowner can choose. One sensible and cost-efficient option is the opening patio cover.

Made of a series of louvers that are operated by the homeowner, the opening patio cover can avail the homeowner of lighting options as never before. Because the opening patio cover is operated with one or more motors (depending on the size of the roof system,) the homeowner is able to choose the amount of light needed.

Each quality opening patio cover can be controlled with the use of a manual switch or a remote control. And, because it is fully automated, the opening and closing of the louvers can be performed by anyone.

The benefits of an opening patio cover for the home can affect the overall efficiency of the home's heating and cooling cycles during winter and summer seasons respectively.

The innovative opening patio cover can be set to open the louvers completely to allow the maximum amount of sunlight during the winter months. Because this allows the sun's warmth to penetrate the patio area, the home can benefit greatly from the addition of warmth.

During summer months, the opening patio cover can be closed during hotter periods of the day to block out the intense heat of the sun. And, if set to diffuse the light by angling the louvers, the opening patio cover also effectively ventilates the area to allow movement of heated air away from the patio.

The opening patio cover is a great benefit to homes both in value and efficiency. To learn more about this innovative product, visit