Using an Operable Louver Patio Cover to Maximize or Minimize Sun Exposure

For sun seekers in any part of the world, being able to maximize the amount of sunlight on a patio is important. With an operable louver patio cover, it is possible for homeowners to have the convenience of a fully automatic roofing system and still have the benefits of sunlight.

Not only does an operable louver patio cover allow more sunlight in, it also closes completely to block out harsh sun during hot periods of the day. Because of this incredible flexibility, the purchase and installation of an operable louver patio cover adds to a home's value.

The construction of an innovative operable louver patio cover is a marvel of technological innovation. Each operable louver patio cover has a series of louvers that are attached at both ends of the patio with aluminum end caps. The louvers are motorized and controlled by a manual or remote control.

Because of the automated function of the operable louver patio cover, homeowners can choose the amount of light they wish at any time of the day. If they choose to have a more diffused sunlit patio, the louvers can be positioned at an angle to allow light in but to also ventilate the area.

Allowing the louvers to be open wide, homeowners can use the operable louver patio cover system to maximize the heat of the sun during colder periods of the year.

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