Installing an Operable Roofing System to Enhance a Patio or Deck

The addition of an operable roofing system for a patio or deck can add significantly to a home's overall value. The operable roofing system is made to allow the homeowner to determine the amount of sunlight they want at any given time of the day.

The operable roofing system is made of louvers that are constructed to fit together snugly when closed. Each of the louvers is attached at both ends and is operated by using a motor to open or close the louvers. Homeowners enjoy an operable roofing system because it is controlled by either a manual or remote control.

The design of the innovative operable roofing system is such that it can completely block sunlight out when the louvers are fully closed. It can also allow diffused light or maximum sunlight, depending on the sun's position.

The operable roofing system is constructed of the highest quality materials that are tested to withstand conditions comparable to cyclonic winds. Because it is so durable, the operable roofing system is ideal for any climate in any part of the world.

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