Controlling Your Environment with an Operable Roofing System

Bright and sunny days are always enjoyable, but not if over-heated rooms, blistering hot patios, and sunburns go along with them. With an operable roofing system, such annoying problems may be completely eliminated. Unlike a traditional canopy, an operable roofing system allows the owner to control their environment with the flick of a few simple controls. These systems allow for adjustments to air flow and sunlight and create cooler temperatures than would exist in the shade. Operable roofing systems are constructed to keep heat above the shaded area, with no transfer of heat below. These systems are also helpful on days that aren’t so bright and sunny by preventing rain from reaching outdoor recreation areas, porches and patios while still allowing plenty of fresh air into the space. Operable roofing systems won’t keep the sun shining, but they will allow a homeowner the opportunity to enjoy as much of the day as desired.