Enjoy a Starry, Starry Night with an Opening Louver Patio Cover

You have heard the song, you may even have seen the painting and now you can enjoy a starry, starry night on your patio with an opening louver patio cover. You never again have to worry about a little rain when you have a louver patio cover to shield you and your family and friends.

Unfortunately, most of us cannot afford a retractable dome for our patios, unless your first name is Oprah and you call Chicago home. For the rest of us, we can invest in a louver patio cover to protect us from the rain and allow us to maximize the enjoyment of our patios. The beautiful aspect of these opening louver patio covers is they allow us to shield ourselves from an overly strong sun or from rain and even snow! How nice would it be to be able to sit on our patios on a brisk afternoon with an outdoor wood burner and have an operable patio cover protecting us from the snow? With a cup of hot chocolate, you have a great afternoon filled with warm thoughts.

On a hot day you can shield yourself from the sun by closing completely or partially your opening louver patio cover. You are in complete control. As the sunlight turns to moonlight and the stars start to emerge you can open the louvers and enjoy a wonderful night under the stars with a glass of wine, a loved one or some friends. If an unexpected sprinkle starts you can quickly close the louvers and keep your intimate evening or your party going until you are ready for it to end.

Homeowners love their outdoor space as much as their indoor space and the right roofing system can help you enjoy your patios day in and day out.