An Opening Patio Cover Makes Your Business a Rainy Night Destination

An opening patio coverthat can be closed in the rain can make your restaurant or bar a rainy night destination. You can use your operable patio cover and some clever marketing to bring in patrons on a rainy night.

Let's face it, unless there is a monsoon people love to go out at night even in the rain. But, of course, people do not want to get wet. They know they can cram into a restaurant or bar but a unique alternative can be just what they have been waiting for. With an opening patio cover that is closed in the rain you can create a rainy night destination.

You can consider offering 50% off drinks with umbrellas on rainy nights, a free dessert for anyone wearing rain boots, or mudslide desserts on a rainy night on the patio under your beautiful opening louver patio cover. If the night clears up, you open it up and allow your guests to enjoy the moonlight.

There are many options you can consider. Perhaps you offer a S'mores dessert and ghost stories on the patio, or some warm rum and rain inspired music for your patrons. You can change it up every time it rains because your reliable, operable patio cover will always provide you protection so all you need is the creativity. People will visit you bar or restaurant just to see what you chose to do that rainy night.

Is a rainy night a movie night? Consider showing movies out on your patio so they can have a movie night while enjoy good food, drinks or both! The possibilities of what you can do with an opening patio cover protecting your guests are limited only by your imagination.