Ultra Lattice or Louver Patio Pros Roofing?

How many times have you wished you could spend more time on your patio but either the sun was too strong or it was raining? Ultra lattice was the first step in helping you enjoy your space by protecting you from a sun that was too strong. The drawback of ultra lattice was that you could not control the sun exposure and ultra lattice is no help in the rain. Louver Patio Pros roofing louver has now changed the way you view your outdoor space.

Unlike ultra lattice you can use Louver Patio Pros roofing louver and still control how much sun you get or do not get. The unique product allows you to adjust how much or how little sunlight comes in while also providing ventilation and insulation, ultra lattice does not. If it starts to rain you can close the louvers most of the way for a light rain or completely for a stronger rain, with ultra lattice you have to go inside.

Ultra lattice remains a good choice for places where rain protection or sun level control is not important. Quality ultra lattice works well for gardens and other spaces where you want to block some of the sun exposure but do not need to control it. For patios, pools, and commercial applications Louver Patio Pros roofing provides much greater control and flexibility.

California residents can receive an estimate at www.louverpatiopros.com so you can do a cost-benefit analysis. For anyone that enjoys being outside the Louver Patio Pros roofing solution will likely far outweigh the benefits of ultra lattice. A bright sun is not always a negative and on those bright, sunny, yet cool days you can enjoy all the benefits of the sun with a louver patio cover and when the clouds roll in you do not have to run indoors with Louver Patio Pros roofing.