Our Unique Product

Louvered Opening Roof System Components

The core of the louvered patio roof system consists of a double skinned, hollow section made of superior-quality sheet metal, BHP zincalume steel, which durability and strength has been tested to withstand cyclonic conditions. The technology of the louvers faced unmatched competition from either single skin louvers or aluminum extruded louvers (in cost for instance). Louvers provide thermal insulation. The difference in temperature creates a natural circulation inside the ventilated louvers and in between the louvers, even in stand still weather. The air circulation generates an air buffer working such as an insulation layer which stops the head transmission through the louvers. The whole system becomes a unique, insulated and ventilated roof. Standard finish of louvers is pre-painted steel, tested for corrosion to 1,000 hours of neutral salt spray or polyester powder coat for other materials. There are presently three standard colors available: white, sandstone and clay. Each louver covers 8 inches in width. The maximum louver length is 12 feet.

End Cap:
Each louver consists of two end caps. A solid aluminum casting enables the trouble free rotation of the louvers to the frame. Louvers rotate from fully closed to a maximum opening of 160°.

Pivot Strip and Link Bar:
The louvers are attached to a pivot strip by articulated end caps made of cast aluminum. Pivot Strip and Link Bar are high precision computer punched components made to accommodate the end caps and transmit movement to the louvers.

Motor/Switch/Control Box:
An efficient and durable 12V DC motor drive powered by battery and solar charging unit ensures the movement of the louvers opening at 160°. The system can be equipped with either a manual switch or remote control. The whole driving mechanism is very simple with minimal wear on components.